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#83. How to Hire Great Truck Drivers

August 11, 2021

Drivers are such an important part of your business. Two of the common descriptions that truck drivers use to describe each other are professional drivers vs steering wheel holders. What we cover in this episodes dives into the difference between the two.

What To Expect From Episode 83

Hiring drivers is hard. We talk a lot about the hiring process and what to look for in a driver. Here are our main discussion points:

  • What type of driver do you look for
  • How do you find them
  • How do you keep them

A question I get asked about all the time that is related to the driver topic is, "Can I start a trucking company without a CDL?". The short answer is you can, but the first several drivers you hire are going to be the difference between being successful or not. Craig and I dive a bit deeper into this topic too.

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